Lightslaying Rituals

by Temple Of Baal

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Wallow Within
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Wallow Within This is my favorite Temple Of Baal release so far. Every second of this record is able to make the ground shake. What you get is an unrelenting excess of speed and disgust, celebrated at the melting point of Black and Death Metal. The speed is incredible, the vocals absolutely memorable and the riffing sheer brutality. All hail. Favorite track: Black Sun Of The Damned.
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Sekator Well done brutal blackened death metal. Their best produced album yet. Favorite track: Piercing The Veils Of Slumber.
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"Temple of Baal consists of a group of veterans of the heavy wars, specifically members and ex-members of Antaeus (an act that has reached new heights of BM aggression), Glorior Belli, and Hell-Militia. As such, one can understand from where this level of bellicosity originates. In fact, Lightslaying Rituals is more of a death/black amalgam than a pure black metal release. The sheer weight of the riffing, the monstrous roaring vocals, and the punishing rhythm section is death to the bone" (

"The rectors of Lightslaying Rituals call their music black metal, a description that captures the band’s aesthetic, and the sound on previous offerings, but barely begins to describe what they’ve done on this new record. If this is black metal, it is fucking heavy black metal. Sure, there is a boatload of tremolo, but it’s downtuned. Yes, there are blastbeats, but they carry all the weight of a mudslide. And there are riffs. Riffs upon massive, skull fucking riffs. And, if that sounds like death metal, it’s because that’s what this is. Death metal in corpsepaint, maybe. Think Vader does Deströyer 666 and throw in Shrapnel’s Razor of Occam lead work, and you’ve got a rough idea of the sound on Lightslaying Rituals. And it does, indeed, slay" (


released December 30, 2016

The album is available in following formats:

- jewelcase CD
- limited digipack CD
- black LP




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